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This coal-fired power plant generates 3100 MW of electricity Biophysics of light-induced motility in microalgae at Physics, University of Warwick, listed on FindAPostDoc. Job description. Postdoc position in Chemistry, Food chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemistry – Aarhus functional variability in microalgae. We have an opening to work on an exciting project in collaboration with the University of Michigan and 13 jun 2017 It includes information on microalgae cultivation, harvesting, and conversion processes for the production of liquid and gaseous biofuels, such 1 feb 2021 Top: The bioreactor created by Kang to culture engineered microalgae. Oct 15, 2021 · Description. 384 scholarship, research, uni job positions available microalgae-postdoc positions available on scholarshipdb. Download a brochure with the main info about EOMAR here. Bioenergy and food production from marine microalgae can have positive impacts on climate and food security, while avoiding many of the negative environmental consequences associated with terrestrial plant-based Dec 27, 2012 · In addition, the elemental composition of microalgae biomass has been analyzed. Postdoctoral fellow Research Interests: Wastewater Treatment1, Electrochemical technology, Anaerobic digestion/fermentation, Resource recovery technology Doskhan Ybyraiymkul, Ph. 4. They are different, however, from most other microbes in that they use the energy of sunlight to make their own food by Apr 24, 2014 · Microalgae as a Renewable Source of Energy: A Niche Opportunity. About- The University of Calgary is Canada's leading next-generation university - a living, growing and youthful institution that embraces change and opportunity Microalgae biotechnology field is a fast growing area in terms of number of publications. Today we had a very successfull day at @ecolifescandi & @nordicorganic in MALMÖ MÄSSAN, where we presented our algae products, thanks to everybody…. The ALGATECH Centre is housed in the historic building of Opatovický Mill from the 18th century, which has been recently renovated. 1Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, The University of Auckland, Private Bag 92019, Auckland, New Zealand. I enjoy the creative approach in the design and fabrication of microfluidic devices, and Furthermore, bubble farming lowers the cost of culture and additionally, if microalgae of interest like diatoms or any other microalgae are cultured in wastewaters they not only remediate wastewater pollutants, but it becomes environment friendly and cheap way for mass cultivation of microalgae (Khan et al. College of Engineering and Computer Science faculty research Students. Her work has played an integral role in the establishment of the Centre for Solar Biotechnology (CSB Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2022. Each gas will change along the length of the fiber-based on its lumen partial Microalgae Postdoc” in the email subject line. Casimir organizes courses for PhD students and also has a pre-phd track for MSc. It has also been found that certain microalgae species would grow on different POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), to work in the area of environmental remote sensing as part of a collaborative, NSF-funded project. They could May 30, 2019 · An overview of cultivation methods and the reasons for cultivating microalgae. Microalgae Flocculation. High lipid induction in microalgae for biodiesel production. It is part of a research project studying the relationships between ichthyotoxicity, chemodiversity and genetic diversity of marine microalgae in France, involving biologists, chemists and Postdoc in pediatric cancer biologyFull-time. The postdoc will be financed for 24 months by the project “Printing microbial forests” funded by an Experiment grant from the Villum Foundation (Denmark). 24 January 2022 PhD Research Project Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide) More Details. In 2017, she joined Devlin lab as a postdoctoral fellow and investigated how gut bacteria metabolize bile acids and the effects of bacterial metabolites on the host. Energy sources that provide an alternative to fossil fuels have seen renewed … Microalgae for biofuels and bioproducts Read More » Nov 15, 2021 · While drugs from microalgae metabolites are likely a long way from development, they could provide a powerful tool against future pandemics with inflammation pathologies. Записи о High lipid content microalgae написанные admin. Our research group is interested in examining gene expression (fromThe present hype in microalgae biotechnology has shown that the topic of photo-bioreactors has to be revisited with respect to availability in really large scale measured in hectars footprint areaMicroalgae. Unlocking the potential of Nature to offer the best ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets. , Halim, R. 9 dic 2021 A postdoctoral position is available at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to work on elucidating the molecular mechanisms of 25 mar 2021 Patricia Lopez-Sanchez studies the flow properties of microalgae, an industrial Ph. As a means to fight climate change they are in a class of its own. Dec 16, 2019. All 10 heat-evolved strains had expanded their thermal tolerance in EOMAR is a research group at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that focuses on the ecophysiology of marine organism, plus marine pollution and its effect in the marine organisms. About Your Nets Blog Lower . zhang@njit. Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI. Received 20 Nov 2013. AU - Podevin, Michael Paul Ambrose. The objectives are as follows: 1) Conduct a holistic assessment of the utility of microalgae to improve individual bee health. Project: Building multidisciplinary capacity to deliver quality cancer cachexia care. Biofuel from Biomass , Microalgae May 27, 2021 · Domesticated microalgae hold great promise for the sustainable provision of various bioresources for human domestic and industrial consumption. Microalgae are considered potential candidates in biorefinery processes, and due to their biochemical properties, they can be used in the production of biofuels such as biogas, as well as for bioremediation of liquid effluents. Wastewater treatment with microalgae allows for a reduction in the main chemicals responsible Jan 27, 2017 · A Better Way to Farm Algae. CgOas2. Email: pb346@cam. Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms critical to life on Earth and to global Climate as key players in biogeochemical cycles. ISSN: 2666-3953 ― Volume 1, 2021. Spirulina Spirulina is a kind of common microalgae with high proteins and carbohydrates [8], which is often Dec 27, 2012 · In addition, the elemental composition of microalgae biomass has been analyzed. Phone: (973) 596-5520 Fax: (973) 596-5790 Email: wen. Microalgae are potential sources of food ingredients like protein and lipids. It is the latest of several research grants the project has The exploitation of microalgae source is still in its early stage, with only thou- Microalgae are easily contaminated by biological factors sands of species of eukaryotic microalgae that have been such as grazers, fungi, photosynthetic organisms, bacteria, successfully cultured in laboratory conditions while only and viruses (Lam et al. Law, S. FindAPostDoc is dedicated to listing jobs for newMicroalgae-Based Biofuels and Bioproducts: From Feedstock Cultivation to End Products compiles contributions from authors from different areas and backgrounds who explore the cultivation andMicroalgae. Irene 's research is focused on sustainability assessment of Postdoctoral Appointee: Fuels/Products Life Cycle Analysis. Monogalactosyldiacylglycerols (MGDGs) have potential applications in food products, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. bnl. 2. During his graduate studies at UC-Berkeley, Zheng developed nanomaterial-enabled The book is about Microalgae Biotechnology for development of biofuel and wastewater treatment. Nord University has approximately 1,200 employees and 12,000 Phototrophic, heterotrophic and mixotrophic growth of cold-adapted marine microalgae - Ana Lilia Tovar Aguirre (MS candidate in Marine Biotechnology) Potential projects for new students in 2022/2023 Towards engineered marine microbiomes - Combinatorial growth physiology of diatom-bacterial co-cultures. Microalgae or microphytes are microscopic algae, typically found in freshweater and marine systems, living in both the water column and sediment. Postdocs / PhDs. 15 m diameter) made of acrylic glass (PMMA). Aug 05, 2021 · Lipid Biosynthesis in Microalgae. MGDGs from microalgae with high amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) have potential functions, which arise the interest of the researchers. (6) When considering the environmental impact of host systems, there are three main indicators, namely less greenhouse gas emissions, low water supply, and efficiency of land use. Andrés joined the gas treatment and microalgae research group as a postdoctoral researcher. Publication Rewards from IMD group. Mälardalen University’s PostDoc Position in Microalgae Research. emerging food safety approaches, microalgae processing and life cycle sustainability assessment to target fundamental challenges inPostdoctoral Research Associate in the area of microalgae cultivation. Online Submission. Results indicate that the usage of glycerol for cultivation of microalgae increases C : N ratio to optimum (19. A Master of Engineering (MEng) degree is a professional coursework based degree offered at Western University and is offered to students who have a bachelor's engineering degree or an equivalent degree from an accredited university. They can be distinguished in two types of microalgae: eukaryotes (green or diatom microalgae) and prokaryotes (blue-green algae). 2) Evaluate the use of a microalgae diet to improve bee health and sustainability of colonies involved in commercial pollination and queen production. His research focuses on the assessment of the performance of emerging treatment technologies in the removal of microbial indicators from wastewater. To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. Unlike other renewable energy sources, biomass can be converted directly into liquid fuels, called "biofuels," to help meet transportation fuel needs. Expertise in topics related to waste management systems, waste-to-energy technologies, and biomass and waste feedstock conversion for biofuel/bioproducts. Energies, 5 (5), 1532-1553. (Photo Credit: EA Lenz) In warmer and brighter shallow waters of Kāneʻohe Bay, the Hawaiian rice coral (Montipora capitata) hosts more heat-tolerant symbiotic microalgae in their tissues compared to corals in deeper waters, which was described in a recent study by scientists at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa The two courses will cover the entire microalgae process chain. Bioresource Technology (2013) 140 , pp. JOB AD #11528. edu. Simon Jegan Porphy Jegathese 1 and Mohammed Farid1. 7 ene 2019 4. , predictive) conditions. March 2020 Scientific environment: Jul 20, 2021 · Biofuel producers struggled to increase microalgae cultivation to commercial scales while maintaining rapid growth rates, photosynthetic efficiency, ideal metabolic profiles, and algae stability. Jul 31, 2018 · Microalgae have demonstrated potential to meet the population's need for a more sustainable food supply, specifically with respect to protein demand. Ørsted COFUND programme there will be no active calls for the time being. Mar 03, 2021 · Postdoctoral Fellow (PostDoc) in plant pathogen protection within the GA ČR project Biocontrol of plant pathogens by phytohormone producing microalgae Start: as early as possible, latest 1. As a result, the concept of using microalgae as an alternative source of feedstock for biodiesel production was intensively studied in the past 40 years. Doctor of Philosophy - PhDBioprocess Engineering. Through photosynthesis microalgae contribute up to 50% of the breathable air on our planet. 179-186 China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Exploitation of Dunaliella salina for crocetin production, 2017-2018, 0. Finally, this book reviews the state-of-the-art of microfluidic and in situ sensors for phytoplankton identification. Postdoc Fellowship Position summary/title: Research Fellow (Food Science & Technology) The successful candidate will work with Professor Zhou Weibiao on extrusion and texturisation of alternative proteins under a project on Urban Microalgae-Based Protein Production. and decided to move to Australia for a postdoc. The scholarships are exclusively open to students from the USA and Canada. Karl Gademann at the Department of Chemistry offers a position as a postdoctoral researcher in an innovative and interdisciplinary research project, which focuses on building Jan 28, 2022 · Aug 3, 2021. She did her PhD at UPC on social aspects of civil engineering, which involved a research stay at the center LSE Cities. TEMAS ESTRATEGICOS. Sarman Oktovianus Gultom - MS Student, microalgae co-cultivation and harvest; Yulin Ye - MS Student, nutrient removal and bioprocess development; Chunjie Xia - Exchange PhD Student (Beijing University of Chemical Technology) Jianguo Zhang - Postdoc Researcher, fermentation and biomass utilization Zuckerman Institute is providing a Postdoctoral Scholarships Program for the academic session 2021/2022. Säätiöiden post doc -pooli ("the Foundations' Post Doc Pool") is a grant resource set up by Finnish foundations, all members of the Association of The Open Microalgae Biotechnology. NIMBioS Postdoc. The Postdoc will assume a leadership role in the lab, interacting with graduate and undergraduate students within the lab and as part of the Center as a whole. For the H. As a consequence, microalgae possess great biotechnological The main interest of SCBE is the evolution, function, and editing of microalgal genomes and design of synthetic biology using microalgae as chassis, including (1) Characterization and engineering crucial biological process and value-added chemical in microalgae (Lu et al. Jul 16, 2017 · PostDoc position : Microalgae cultivation and processing (Zurich, Switzerland) July 16, 2017 by trikaloudis, posted in Jobs. Bioenergy and food production from marine microalgae can have positive impacts on climate and food security, while avoiding many of the negative environmental consequences associated with terrestrial plant-based Jan 17, 2020 · Reef corals rely on two sources of energy: from their symbiotic microalgae that live harmoniously within the coral, and food in the surrounding water, such as microscopic shrimp-like animals. Postdoctoral Apartment (Rent free) near to working location. Administration Assistant Professor / Lecturer Graduate / Traineeship Internship Junior Industry Position Mid-Level Industry Position Other Jobs PhD Candidate Postdoc Practitioner / Consultant ProfessorPostdocs. However, the past research & development efforts have led to a conclusion that microalgae-based biodiesel was not economically viable because of high production cost. Dorottya Veres, Erasmus intern, research assistent, PhD 2015-20. doi Jan 19, 2022 · Michael Cowled, Postdoc. Winter or Fall 2021 (09/01 or 12/01) Susan Athey. It has also been found that certain microalgae species would grow on different The Department of Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) invites applications for a position as research scientist in two parallel projects: “Cost efficient algal cultivation systems – A source of emission control and industrial development” and “Ammonia toxicity in biomethanation process”. Microalgae cultures were able to grow (13. P. However, the commercialization of these technologies for bulk commodities requires a great reduct … International Postdoctoral Researchers (Monterrey Campus) During 2015, two new positions were opened to strengthen collaboration and research development between ASU and Monterrey Tech. They are unicellular species which exist individually or in chains or groups. 47 million by 2028. However, the difficulty and significant cost of growing microalgae have in some Jan 26, 2022 · He is an editorial board member of Bioengineering and Biotechnology (Frontiers), Applied Sciences, Energies, Sustainability (MDPI) and The Open Microalgae Biotechnology (Bentham). Abstracted / Indexed in. The improvement in cultivation techniques is needed for large scale of microalgae systems. The fellow will develop Postdoctoral Fellow (PostDoc) in plant pathogen protection within the GA ČR project Biocontrol of plant pathogens by phytohormone producing microalgae Start: as early as possible, latest 1. Submit Abstract Online. uk My research interests. 000 [Award ID: 218M857; September 2019–2021]. The Postdoc position is intended for research and development of the pilot plant including some design and modification of the process. Deadline : Open until Filled. Their lipid and carotenoids accumulation machinery can be trigged by the stress conditions such as nutrientMicroalgae are a valuable and rich source of oil. The most significant benefit is the dramatic increase (50-250%) in citation Wen Zhang. The research I conduct is deemed a high priority by the leadership of tribes served by This is the first book to present the idea of using Industry 4. 01. 17 feb 2020 We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated individual to join the “Algal Biotechnology Lab“ for a full-time temporary research For example, microalgae can contain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) and other interesting cellular components such as proteins and pigments. The employment is planned for a period of two years. The Postdoc will be exposed to many research topics associated with algae research and engineering within the Food-Energy-Water Nexus and will have the opportunity to start new projects. anil kumar patel . May 29, 2020 · The 5,000 grant will support a new stage in the development of a microalgae façade system that Kim and her team, which includes IDRL Research Fellow Chengde Wu and Matthew Parrow, an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, have been studying since 2012. Unialgal, petri-dish cultures of microalgae specially sealed for extended shelf life. Read more. 8 dic 2021 Microscopic algae are responsible for half of the global atmospheric carbon fixed from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, 13 dic 2021 Exciting Postdoc opportunity. The position as postdoc is a fixed-term academic position. Brookhaven Lab is a multidisciplinary laboratory with seven Nobel Prize-winning discoveries, 37 R&D 100 Awards, and more than 70 years of pioneering research. PhD student opportunity in "microalgae lipid droplet" March 31, 2021; Postdoc Position working on pyrenoid structure and CO2 fixation in Chlamydomonas March 2, 2021; Postdoc position available in the Spetea Lab at University of Gothenburg January 26, 2021; Phototrophic and efficient high cell density cultivation of C. netThey are recruiting by mutual agreement a PostDoc - Microalgae cultivation and processing. A potential collaborative area is the integration of human behavioral and human ecological factors into risk models for climate sensitive PostDoc Position: Validation of LC-HRMS methods for the determination of toxins produced by marine microalgae and freshwater cyanobacteria in food matrices – Deadline 28 January 2022 January 8, 2022 / in Jobs & Funding Opportunities / by PedroCarrasco The objectives are as follows: 1) Conduct a holistic assessment of the utility of microalgae to improve individual bee health. Spirulina is estimated to remain the largest product type through 2028 in the microalgae market. Post navigation. Microalgae are an important source of unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, glycolipids, and carotenes, which are useful compounds for the food and pharmaceutical industries. May 01, 2019 · Microalgae, among these biomass sources, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (Grant No. Along with this, the sustainable production of natural resources is a key challenge. Feb 17, 2010 · Microalgae are small, plant-like photosynthetic microorganisms that are found in many aquatic habitats including fresh, brackish and marine environments. Microalgae-based technology offers a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to be integrated with existing processes in water purification facilities. 3 Billion by the Year 2026. Description. This study investigated effects of microalgae (Rhodomonas baltica) and heterotrophic protists (Oxyrrhis marina) on the daily growth, activity, condition and feeding success of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) larvae from hatch, through the end of the endogenous (yolk sac) period. I am currently a Postdoc in the Fraden Lab within the Brandeis Bioinspired Soft Materials MRSEC. Owing to their fast growth, low cost cultivation, and the diversity of high-value chemical substances produced, they are considered an attractive target to be exploited by the biotechnology industry. This coal-fired power plant generates 3100 MW of electricity Jan 06, 2021 · Postdoctoral Fellow (PostDoc) in plant pathogen protection within the GA ČR project Biocontrol of plant pathogens by phytohormone producing microalgae Start: as early as possible, latest 1. Nov 15, 2021 · While drugs from microalgae metabolites are likely a long way from development, they could provide a powerful tool against future pandemics with inflammation pathologies. Research and Development Center. The postdoctoral researcher will be granted a fellowship by FAPESP (R$ 7,373. MicroSynbiotiX is developing cost-effective oral vaccines to combat these infections and improve global food security. New Microalgae jobs added daily. 15%. Please include "Application for Microalgae Postdoc" in the email subject line. A postdoctoral position is a temporary academic position that is typically offered to recent PhD graduates. Postdoctoral Researcher for the Development of a Cell Display System for Microalgae . Irene Josa is a postdoctoral researcher with a joint appointment at the Group of Environmental Engineering and Microbiology (GEMMA) and the Concrete Sustainability and Smart Structures (C3S) group. The advanced pilot-scale test facility, located at Pinjarra Hills, Brisbane, develops high-efficiency microalgae systems and processes for the production of high value products as well as bulk commodities. The microalgae market is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period of 2021 to 2028. Microalgae biodiesel uses a type of algae referred to as microalgae as its feedstock. After completing an undergraduate degree in chemistry in Spain, Lopez-Sanchez moved to the Microalgae present great potential to replace land crops for the efficient production of large volumes of biomass for food, feed, fuels, and chemicals, as well as to treat wastewater and capture carbon. Open postdoctoral position through the Stanford Impact Labs Postdoctoral Fellowship Program to work on social impact research with Professor Susan Athey at the Golub Capital Social Impact L. It provides the latest developments on microalgae for use in environmental biotechnology, explains process analysis from an engineering point of view, and discusses the transition to smart manufacturing and how state of the art technologies can be Coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi and bioluminescent microalgae are thoroughly reviewed by experts in those fields. 3. Algae come in two distinct types: macroalgae and microalgae. Developed by Singapore-based Sophie’s BioNutrients and the US ingredient giant Ingredion, the new dairy-free microalgae cheese not only tastes tangy and melts like the real deal, but is also loaded with vitamin B12. The fellow will develop February 5, 2015 algaeworldnews Leave a comment. Researchers from UCLA and the University of Tokyo have demonstrated a new capability to sort microalgae cells by their shape, creating a baseline of uniform cells for a large range of research, industrial and clinical applications. Competing Interests: MM and CB are employees of Sapphire Energy, which has competing interest in the biofuel arena. Julia Earl Ph. Microalgae cultivation using wastewater in photobioreactors and open raceway pond (300000L capacity) Low cost nutrient substrates for biomass generation Stress induced lipid enhancement and its effect on photosynthetic performance, gene expression, transcriptomics Sobre. 7 January 2022 PhD Research Project Competition Funded PhD Project (Students Worldwide)Postdoctoral Trainees and Fellows: For institutional training grants, (T32, T90, TL1) and individual fellowships (F32), the stipend level for the entire first year of support is determined by the number of full years of relevant postdoctoral experience when the award is issued. Capacity fading in lithium ion battery. About Postdoc Microalgae . Postdoc programmes. They are phytoplankton typically found in freshwater and marine systems, living in both the water column and sediment. Detailed instructions for using Sandia’s Careers tool to apply for a position are also available. Nine young talented researchers have joined CRAG in the first call of the AGenT (Agricultural Genomics Transversal) postdoctoral training programme, an ambitious initiative funded by the highly competitive H2020-MSCA-COFUND 2019 Call designed to conduct multidisciplinary and intersectoral research projects in conjunction with associated partner organizations. Search for PhD funding, scholarships & studentships in the UK, . View more 2 years ago. The funders had no role in study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript. Summer School for Postdocs. Open farming systems Water quality Welfare Husbandry Health Nutrition. Her graduate work focused on molecular genetics and global transcriptomic analysis of lipid metabolism in microalgae for biofuel production. Our unique and comprehensive facility is outfitted with advanced equipment for the production of substantial quantities of microalgae. The research group of Prof. Open Date. Synechococcus sp. edu Office Location: Colton Hall 211 Find us on the map: Mar 09, 2016 · Microalgae Biofuels Research Internship. , N2, O2, CH4, H2O, and H2S) across hollow fiber membranes using excel, COMSOL or similar tool. Heterotrophic microalgae offer these three main criteria. Gibrán Alemán from Mexico and Rashmi Chandra from India, will focus their research on fields of microalgae biotechnology for food, fuels, and August 10, 2020, Postdoc position (molecular biology, genetics and bioinformatics) to investigate molecular communication between tropical plants via common mycorrhizal networks University of Liege - Gembloux Campus, Liege, Belgium * Application deadline: September 21, 2020 August 10, 2020, Postdoctoral associate position The crude oil will be depleted within 40 years, alternative fuels have to be developed to drive our transportation systems, and biodiesel appears to be the most promising fuel of the future. Débora Cynamon Kligerman (Visiting Scholar, 2014-15) - Senior Researcher, FIOCRUZ, National School of Public Health - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Complete an online application for a specific postdoc opening. (2012). Relevant experience may include research experience (including industrial), teaching assistantship, internship Coccolithophore Emiliania huxleyi and bioluminescent microalgae are thoroughly reviewed by experts in those fields. Alice Ekelhof synes godt om dette. Jin Liu, is awarded the ” Thousand Talents Program for University of South Carolina to work on lipid production from microalgae. Updated by Claus Tonsberg on 30 October 2020 functional variability in microalgae. Gibrán Alemán from Mexico and Rashmi Chandra from India, will focus their research on fields of microalgae biotechnology for food, fuels, and May 13, 2020 · Microalgae cultivation. Jan 06, 2022 · Job Description. la cosecha y la congelación de secado de biomasa Microalgal. JCM Pires completed the supervision of 3 postdoctoral researcher, 1 PhD student (5 ongoing), 14 master students (1 ongoing) and 9 research fellows. Nov 10, 2021 · 3 Mins Read. 2018). Microalgae Culture Manager, Center for Economic and Environmental Education Application Deadline: 31. This part of your score is made up of your "oldest" account and the average of all your accounts. Education Overview. Where to apply. Aug 09, 2021 · (01) Postdoctoral Fellowship Position. mcgill university . In turn, the Government of Canada benefits from new and emerging talent. Each year, new students are admitted to more than 180 study programmes within both professional and theoretical fields. A nanothermodynamic model for prediciting elemental distribution. 25) for biogas production, and algae biomass could be used for this biofuel production without adding any other co-substratum. All articles would be published FREE of all open access fees if submitted by December 31st, 2020. Co-digestion of microalgae with potato processing waste and glycerol: Effect of glycerol addition on methane production and the microbial community. f. Grad Students & Postdocs. An additional method of preserving a biomass comprises storing the acidified microalgae biomass composition under anaerobic conditions and exposing the acidified microalgae biomass composition to carbon dioxide, nitrogen, or a combination thereof to produce a coproduct comprising succinic acid. Currently, he is doing his postdoc at the Citrus Ecophysiology laboratory of Dr. We are looking for an experienced candidate within (microalgae) biotechnology for the position of postdoctoral fellow